Laser Treatments

Why Lasers?

Laser therapy has been shown to improve circulation and increase the components that speed healing, referred to as Biostimulation. With any oral procedure or surgery, Biostimulation reduces pain and swelling and can help your mouth recover more quickly. The mouth can recover up to six (6) times faster.


Fillings without anesthetic sounds like a horror story for most people. But, many fillings can be done without anesthetic and without pain thanks to dental lasers. Traditional dental drills cause pressure, heat, and vibration, which lead to pain. The laser does not produce any of these effects. For fillings, we typically use laser on smaller children depending on the type of cavity. Our dental lasers use infrared waves from the “good” side of the electromagnetic spectrum. The infrared waves from the laser pose no health risk; it is so safe that it can even be used with expectant mothers.

Periodontal Therapy

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Gum Reshaping

A gum lift may be performed to create a more even gum line. Patients with a gummy smile can quickly and safely have unwanted tissue removed, thus exposing more tooth to shape a more attractive smile. In most cases lasers can reshape the gums without shots.

Diode Laser

The Diode Laser is a great tool for shaping the gums and removing bacteria from the periodontal pocket, the space between the gums and tooth. Dental cleanings performed with diode laser therapy significantly improve the success of healing the gums. Inflammation, bleeding, pocket depths, and the amount of bacteria are all greatly reduced as opposed to just scaling and polishing the teeth alone.

Laser Assisted Root Canal Therapy

The nerves and blood vessels in the root canals of a tooth are called the pulp. When bacteria or decay affect the pulp, Root Canal Therapy may be necessary. Root Canal Therapy cleanses the damaged area and restores the tooth. We remove infected pulp, clean the root canal space, and then fill the space with special, medicated filling materials. You receive a fully functional tooth. Improvement on the traditional method uses the dental laser to thoroughly clean the root canal space. The energy from the laser penetrates the small tubules of the root canal much more profoundly than traditional methods, ensuring better cleaning and a more complete removal of bacteria.